Alpha Kongs
Alpha kongs, a species of gorillas that've been on Earth for over 200 years learning how to make the world a better place.
Omega Kongs
Omega Kongs, a species of futuristic gorillas made up of five classes each playing a key role in the kong civilization.
AKC Rebirth
New Alpha Kongs Club
Embrace our new Team, Vision, and ambitious Future. With innovative minds and boundless passion, we will revolutionize the project’s landscape.
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You to witness the remarkable evolution from PFP to the extraordinary realm of full-bodied Alpha and Omega Kongs
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Holders of Alpha and Omega Kongs get token-gated access to our Staking system that allows you to accumulate $OMEGA coins and includes boosts, leaderboard and rewards.
With $OMEGA coins AKC holders can participate in fantastic raffles, get cool digital NFTs and valuable IRL items. The rewards have 5 tier levels and are constantly updated!
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Alpha Kongs Club is brought to you by a team of artists.
Who left a permanent mark on mainstream culture.
They’re the artists behind the dragons of Game of Thrones, Jurassic World, Pokémon, Marvel's Eternals, Dora, Aquaman and The Lion King, Star Wars: Rogue One and The Last Jedi, James Bond: Spectre, Assassin’s Creed, Harry Potter: Fantastic Beasts and Godzilla. Star Wars: Mandalorian, Star Trek: Discovery, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Without Remorse.
Brown Dark
In the dim light of the jungle, the dark brown fur glistens like polished mahogany. Each hair possesses a life of its own, undulating gently in the night breeze. As the wearer lumbers through the undergrowth, its coat camouflages it perfectly against the shadows. The fur’s greatest asset, acting both as a shield and a cloak, enabling it to move unseen through the forest.
Brown Bright
The bright brown fur shimmers in the sunlight, glinting like liquid gold. With each movement, the fur comes alive, rippling like waves on a calm ocean. Its softness is unparalleled, inviting a gentle touch. The fur’s beauty is undeniable, leaving all who behold it in awe.
The gorilla fur is a marvel to behold - a lustrous, jet-black coat that shines in the sun. It is thick and warm, providing protection from the harsh elements of the jungle, and is soft to the touch. As the wearer roams through the forest, its fur ripples and flows with each movement, a testament to the beauty and power of nature.
The grey fur, a celestial spectacle, glows softly against the forest's backdrop. Its coat, reminiscent of muted diamond dust and coal, offers a gentle contrast to its vibrant kin. Much like the dim stars and the radiant sun, all are part of a grand cosmic tapestry, their diverse brilliance an echo of the wondrous system they inhabit.
The blue fur, a spiritual tapestry, mirrors the serenity of the clear blue sky. DNA gleaned from its fibers begets the Blue Banana Serum, a link reconnecting our Omega brethren to the family tree. Engulfed in perpetual festivity, the fur sings an anthem of joy, a reminder of the vibrance of celebration.
The green fur, anchored in nature's heart, weaves itself into the jungle's intricate tableau. Concealed among foliage, it heralds its presence as bananas mature, coloring the air with vibrant life. This fur pulses in sync with the jungle's rhythm, an unending dance of existence.
The pink fur, an emblem of love and tenderness, echoes a meditative serenity, exuding compassion and tranquility. Born of white and red furs' union, it forms a gentle caress amidst the wild, its softness a soothing lullaby to the wilderness.
The red fur, ablaze with vibrancy, pulsates with the vitality of howler monkeys. Caressed by daylight, its deep crimson hue transforms into a nocturnal cloak, a shield against lurking perils. Its ancestry murmurs softly, stories of pink and yellow threads woven through its history.
The yellow fur, emanating a mellow glow, carries the signature of Saimiri oerstedii's DNA. Basking in sunlight, it morphs into an ochre marvel crowned with a golden aura, subtly echoing its golden kin. Despite the wearer's addictive tendencies and perplexing high IQs, the fur radiates vibrancy, sometimes in academia's enlightened halls, sometimes amidst life's tougher trails.
The blonde fur, akin to its distant cotton top tamarin kin, craves elegance. Its owners' languid nature preserves its pristine, white sheen. A rare sight, it retreats in secluded sanctuaries, revealing itself through occasional resonant snores. As thoughts wander to enriching Kong paradise, the fur ripples, aglow with burgeoning creativity.
The leopard fur, resplendent with nature's artistry, mirrors Kong's majesty, offering an elegant blend of wilderness and mystery. Masters of camouflage, their movements speak of strength and grace, rendering them unseen, yet deeply felt within their world. This fur stands as a symbol of strategic cunning, a testament to their mastery of the hidden realms.
Leopard White
The leopard white fur radiates pure starlight, etched with a unique pattern embodying magical clarity. Its wearers move with grace, exuding an aura of mystique, captivating onlookers. Symbolizing purity, nobility, and immaculate beauty, this fur traverses landscapes, leaving behind a trail of fascination and purity.
Leopard Black
The leopard black fur shimmers in deep black, interlaced with vibrant hues reminiscent of shimmering stars in the universe. With their mysterious presence and unmistakable elegance, they capture every gaze once discovered.
The silver fur embodies both gentleness and majesty, its shimmering coat glows like the moon, entrancing all who observe. Touching its velvet texture, legends claim, bestows wishes. As wearers stroll, they spread optimism and delight, their fur's radiance lighting up the darkest spaces. This luminous spectacle reminds us of the inherent magic within all.
The gold fur, shimmering with power and status, is an emblem of wealth and prestige. Once the guardians of gold mines, these fur-bearers stood resolute against robbers. Their former duty, filled with respect and admiration, placed them as revered rulers of the jungle, their golden coats a testament to their esteemed past.
The Rainbow fur, steeped in legend, emanates from a mystical waterfall concealed within a secret cave. Here, melodies from the 'Dark Side of the Moon' whisper through the crevices. A crystal within the waterfall gleams with the spectrum, casting a dazzling prism. Emerging from this kaleidoscopic bath, the fur bearers channel the entrancing synergy of light and sound.
3D art like never seen before, with this much attention to detail, our artists set a new standard for all Creators in web3.
The futuristic and highly detailed artwork is only a taste of the full experience that’s waiting for you inside the AKC Universe.
They are the majority of the Omega universe. They work to create a better world with new technologies. While poverty and hunger is long gone, the system still relies on Citizens to accomplish daily tasks. Their style is impeccable and they got a great vibe going for them.
No matter how intelligent the Kong species are, they still need to be protected from crime and bad influences. Keepers protect citizens from themselves and sometimes are sent on missions to help outsiders. They’ve got next-gen armour and high-tech gear to aid them.
No civilization is without higher education and privilege. Elites get to enjoy both in Omega Kong Society. Some worked hard for their title, while others inherited it. Either way, elites developed a taste for luxury to try and stand out from all the others.
A small circle of Omegas who dedicated their lives to studying the past and learning from the mistakes on Earth. They developed a deep sense of wisdom and they use this gift to lead Kongs towards a better future. When science and politics started to mix, they became some of the most powerful Kongs.
They say Eternals have been around ever since ancient times. They’re what’s left of the royal families who once ruled all Kongs. Thanks to their massive wealth and knowledge, they formed a secret pact with the Oracles to stay in leadership positions even in a highly developed society. According to rumors, they even possess supernatural powers. But there is no published evidence of this yet.
Anthony Sieben is a highly skilled 3D artist renowned for his contributions to blockbuster projects such as Game of Thrones, Jurassic World, Pokémon, Marvel's Eternals, Aquaman and many more.
Ricardo Alves is a talented 3D artist who has left his mark on major film franchises, including Star Wars, Lion King, Avatar and many others.
Tom Herzig is a 3D Lead Generalist who has worked on productions such as Star Wars: Mandalorian, House of the Dragon, Game of Thrones, Star Trek: Discovery, and many more.
01 /08
The American Dream; An entrepreneur heart and soul. Has no problem with taking risks, pursuing his passion, and relentlessly working towards turning your vision into a reality. And has a track record of succes.
02 /08
The People's person; He naturally enjoys and excels at interacting with others, building relationships, and fostering connections.
03 /08
The life long learner; Always learning new things, expanding his knowledge and skills and does this with a positive attitude.
04 /08
The Innovator; Sees challenges as opportunities, willing to take all the necessary steps towards success, and never stops exploring new ideas to create a better future.
05 /08
The Real One: A dynamic Kong with a heart and soul for the community, known for pursuing passions and never letting go. A highly engaging and active member, always ready to lend a hand and eager to learn. With a track record of unwavering dedication, embodies the spirit of Alpha Kongs, driving innovation and fostering connections.
06 /08
A Jack of all Trades; He's a versatile individual with a broad range of skills and adaptability that allows him to tackle various tasks and excel in diverse environments.
07 /08
The Engineer: A self-taught software engineer with a decade of experience. Tackles challenges head-on, driving innovation and excellence in every AKC project. Known for relentless dedication and a sharp technical mind. Always exploring new technologies and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.
08 /08
The Astronaut; Explorer of new frontiers, combines creativity with science, navigating challenges with resilience and strategic insight. Inspires others with his cosmic stories.
Q1 2023
The Takeover
OGKings officially secured the ownership of Alpha Kongs Club, Omega Kongs Club, and Blue Banana Serum smart contracts
Securing the ownership of the AKC tribes and AKC coins smart contracts
New team Doxxing procedure
Empty the old staking contracts - In progress
Discontinue old AKC token
Implement a decentralized solution for Metadata storage
Q2 2023
Limit date for drinking the BBS
Limit date for the claiming of old AKC coins
Digital Discord party
AKC reaches 6k ETH in trade volume
Partnered with TRIBE to provide community with an engage to earn platform where they earn points for engaging with AKC on social media
Rebrand of Alpha Kongs Club
Creation of 2 full body Kongs (1 Alpha & 1 Omega)
Q3/Q4 2023
The Journey Begins
Brand new AKC website
Creation of AKC's Jungle Jam space
Brand new Staking ecosystem
Creation of AdminPanel for AKC universe
Off-chain Token implementation
AKC Rewards page
Serums available for users to boost their daily yield
Q1/Q2 2024
Rising Momentum
Team added IRL items to Rewards page such as clothing apparel, pillows, cups and many more
AKC holds assets accumilating to over 10 ETH in rewards
New AKC Universe officially reaches 600 members
$OMEGA will become tradeable for users within the AKC ecosystem
Q3/Q4 2024
Stay Tuned
Kongs are cooking - stay tuned!
How can I get an Alpha and Omega Kong NFT?
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How do I join the community?
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